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Use the form to request a phone or office consultation. 


Office hours are 9:30 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday.

"A thoughtful lawyer who was very helpful in identifying the issues, the facts, thedetails that it takes to win a case.  Others seem to have overlooked or never mentioned them. . . . Worth talking to early, even when you're just trying to figure out what is possible."  - Dani

“Larry's guidance and support, while patiently working on my case, made things go much easier than I had anticipated. His insight, options and possible outcomes were extremely valuable. He did an excellent job representing me, and I am so grateful I found such a hardworking, honest and reliable lawyer. I would highly recommend Larry to anyone who is looking for a professional, competent and caring lawyer”
- Sevil, Asylum Applicant

"As an experienced one-man-army, Larry is prompt, professional, efficient, & with due deligence. Due to his exceptional service and reasonable price, Larry has been a part of my NY attorney list that I share with friends who ask for attorney recommendation." - N.D.

"Laurence was incredible. We had a tight deadline to work with and he was able to move us quickly and effectively through the H-1B process. He was VERY responsive to our questions and made sure that we met the deadlines and requirements."
- George Weiner, Whole Whale LLC


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