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"Larry is a man of integrity, compassion and above all a very caring individual.  I had the privilege to have his legal experience and expertise represent me and since then my life has changed for good. He 'turned every stone' to ensure that all the facts and proofs are presented in the case.  Choosing Larry to represent you is the best decisions you can make for your future!"

- Naim

Navigating the immigration maze can be daunting, with life-altering consequences.  Whether you are applying for a visa, sponsoring a family member or employee for permanent residence, or are at risk of deportation, you will need straightforward, individualized advice on what benefits or relief you can expect to obtain, and a thorough explanation of what to expect throughout the process.  Email or call to schedule a free, confidential office consultation.

Work Visas (H1B, L1, etc.)   •  Green Cards through Family or Employment  •  EB-5  •  Asylum   •  Citizenship  •  Deportation